2017 AZUCA Scholarship Recipients


Marley Oakes

Daughter of Kathy Oakes, Cox Communications

“I believe that gratitude is best shown through actions, not words. However, I would like to thank everyone at AZUCA and everyone involved in this scholarship opportunity. This money will help me live my college career to the fullest, and focus on my learning over the next four years. Hopefully, at the end of my journey, I can show through my actions what this scholarship truly means to me and how it has helped.

I plan to study journalism and political science, and use my knowledge of these two fields to contribute to the world of political media. I would also like to thank my mom for supporting me and encouraging me to do better than my best. Thanks for always spotting for me and keeping me clear. This scholarship means so much, and I cannot express that enough in just a few sentences!”



Jessica Ormond

Daughter of Jason Ormond, Tetra Tech

I would like to thank everyone at AZUCA.  I am very grateful for this opportunity to further my education. I have recently graduated from Willow Canyon High School, I am now going to go to Ottawa University. I decided to go to Ottawa because they have both a nursing program and a physical therapy program. I am excited to see what my future holds and cannot express how grateful I am that AZUCA has chosen me as one of their scholarship recipients.