2016 AZUCA Scholarship Recipients


Bailey Simon

I just wanted to write you and express my appreciation to yourself and to AZUCA as a whole for the scholarship opportunity. It genuinely means so much to have that financial burden lifted off during these first four hectic years at college, while I shouldn’t be worrying about finances and instead investing all of my time and energy into my studies. I am extremely excited for what my future holds and the generosity that you and AZUCA have shown will definitely help expedite the success that I hope to see in my life soon. I plan to use the time I would have spent working to earn the money that was given by the scholarship to instead pursue internships and network as much as I can at companies like Intel and State Farm and hopefully lock in some sort of employment within java programming for late or post schooling. Again I cannot express how much this opportunity truly means, thank you!



Lucia D. Valtierra

As I write this, I would like to sincerely thank everyone at Azuca, and the workers. Although I am extremely grateful to receive this scholarship, I never really thought about where the money was actually coming from. However, it came to my attention that the amount I received was collected through fund-raising and input from the workers. This made me appreciate it many times more. I see how my father works hard in this Arizona sun, and monsoon humidity, and try to imagine all the men who go through this everyday. Working hard so that their families can have the very best. It is only fair that I do my part by continuing my studies and striving to repay my father through success. This scholarship will greatly help me with college. I won’t have to worry as much about how I’m going to pay for books, and if I have enough money left to pay any fees for school and continually stress about the financial aspect of college. It may not seem like much to others, but it does mean a lot coming from a First generation college student, who also happens to be the youngest of seven, and as the daughter of a construction worker who wakes up early in the morning everyday, and works himself to the bone trying to give me a better future. All the efforts to raise this money, and the scholarship in general are tremendously appreciated everyday, you are assisting me through college and I will always be grateful for that.