The PIPG is a guide that was developed by industry stakeholders through the American Public Works Association (APWA), Arizona Chapter, for all entities that have to construct facilities in the public rights-of-ways in Arizona. It is currently on it’s 6th edition and is scheduled to be updated in 2018.


Some of the more serious recurring problems that take place by any involved parties constructing in the public ROW include: insufficient time for the utility to perform relocation design; untimely utility relocations; shifting project and utility schedules or priorities; project or utility plans with omissions or errors; inadequate or untimely plan review; late changes to project or utility plans; untimely processing of permits; agency or utility change of policies without adequate notification; and insufficient communication of 3-5 year Capital Improvement Programs (CIP’s). The final results of the above problems are substantial increased costs, project design and construction delays, and difficult working relationships.


The PIPG describes a “system” of communication and coordination elements that, when put in place, will help assure the relocation and installation of facilities in the rights-of-way with minimal problems. It is divided into 8 major parts:


1) Definitions

2) Recurring annual CIP activities and events

3) Standard (agency driven) projects

4) Utility driven projects

5) Municipal buildings projects

6) Fast track projects

7) Private development projects

8) Joint use trench


This guide has been used in the past by many agencies and utilities with great success. Unfortunately, we have found that many of those individuals have either retired or moved to other positions and often times the new staff is not familiar with the benefits of using the PIPG system which leads to the above listed recurring problems. This is a beneficial tool that needs more exposure.   PIPG Guide