The Public Improvement Project Guide (PIPG) is a guideline developed in 1985 by stakeholders  through the American Public Works Association Arizona Chapter’s Arizona Utility Coordinating Committee (AUCC) to improve communication around utility coordination. It was last updated in 2011 and is currently under review for additional needed updates. Below is a link to an article by Dan Nissen, Deputy Engineering Director of the City of Peoria, written in 2013 that is a great introduction to the PIPG.


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Many of the members of the AUCC are AZUCA members and our Executive Director has been the Recorder/Secretary for the past eight years. If you have something to add to the agenda for a regular AUCC meeting, please contact her via the Contact Us section of our website or call her at 480-775-3943.

Below are what the intentions of the authors when they developed it.


It is important to understand that this Guide is a “baseline”.  Each organization should develop and utilize its own approach to the “baseline”.  The success of the Guide is predicated upon a full commitment by all governmental agencies, utilities, private developers, contractors and organizations that have or construct facilities in the public rights-of-ways.

The overall Project Guide will only be workable if all parties concerned are willing to compromise in the interest of the PUBLIC – a partnership in serving the public between agencies, utilities, contractors, private developers and all their representatives.