We think AZUCA contractor members are the best utility contractors in Arizona. Being a member of AZUCA proves a commitment to community, safety and quality. Membership means an investment in properly trained staff while making an effort to improve the industry for everyone’s benefit through participation and advocacy. You can rely on AZUCA membership as a significant qualifier when seeking contractors to bid projects. Networking opportunities abound but the most significant benefit or our network is the great minds and depth of experience that can be called upon with just an email or phone call.

Our members are world renowned in the world of utility construction. They sit on boards and develop standards, not just in Maricopa County, but across our great state. You can count on AZUCA to be at the forefront of any issue impacting our industry.

“What’s the ROI of being a member of AZUCA?” we are often asked. Like most investments in a business, full value and return isn’t realized without hands on active participation. Membership in AZUCA is just as hands on. No real value is realized through passive participation. “What are you going to do for me?” isn’t really the right question. “How can I get the most out of being a member of AZUCA?” is. My parents always stressed affiliation was a strong indicator of character. I’m proud to be affiliated with members of AZUCA because I know they are the best and brightest utility contractors, vendors, and project owners Arizona has to offer. I can tell you the return on the time and money I’ve spent for the sake of AZUCA isn’t easy to quantify but I estimate the return to be one of the best ROI’s I’ve ever realized.

Bill Tippett-AZUCA President