The objective of the NCCER Fundamentals of Crew Leadership course is to introduce and/or reiterate to the supervisor the fundamentals of effective supervision emphasizing professionalism through knowledge, experience and applied skills.

This course will cover the following topics, and much more:

  • How to be a professional field supervisor, while producing results that impact profits
  • How to apply a total safety performance program through effective pre-planning and project scheduling
  • The basic components of a master project plan and schedule, and how to prepare daily and weekly plans and schedules
  • The basic logic and standard language of project planning and scheduling
  • How to solve problems related to daily and weekly crew and project production and productivity, and apply the major components to improving productivity
  • The types of contracts and their basic parts and supporting documents, and how to maintain documentation
  • The basic communication tools: how to actively listen, speak, instruct, write, make presentations, and conduct meetings
  • How to manage important working relationships with owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and other contractors, and how to resolve conflicts
  • How to recruit people, carry out industry employment laws and regulations, how to be an effective leader and motivator, build a team, handle discipline, train staff, and set practical work objectives. (Includes discrimination issues, employment harassment issues, personnel management issues, human resource issues, etc.)

Overall goal of course is to improve the management of B-S-Q-S & P … Budget, Schedule, Quality, Safety, and most important … People


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