Thank you for your interest in joining AZUCA. Please complete the following membership application, entering as much data as you can. This ensures your record is complete.

Our Membership is divided into six categories and for our contractor members is based on volume from the previous year:

CONTRACTOR – A company that performs utility contracting as their primary means of business.

SUBCONTRACTOR – A company that performs contracting services in support of the Contractor in the utility construction industry.

CONSULTANT – Any individual that does not work for a contractor or associate and works in, or supports the utility contracting community.

ASSOCIATE – Any supplier that supports and services the utility construction industry. (Any supplier, attorney, accountant, insurance agent, equipment dealer, etc.)  — This does NOT include any company that performs contracting services on a job site.

AFFILIATE – Any utility company, municipal department within a city such as fire dept, flood control districts, irrigation, utility departments of municipalities such as gas, electric, waste water, etc.

INSTITUTION/AGENCY – Any engineer, city/county or municipal government, education institution, municipal authority, state agency or other associations.

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Our memberships are based on the calendar year and are discounted quarterly. Contact us at 480-775-3943 for current dues amounts.

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