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Over the past few months ADOSH has been busy formalizing Partnership and Alliance Agreements with businesses or organizations. The new Partnership and Alliance Agreements will help to strengthen proactive safety and health measures in the workplace. The Home Builders Association of Central Arizona (HBACA) “Home Safe Program” was developed by the Association and ADOSH to collaborate with builders in Arizona. Together the three will work to reduce injury/illnesses in the workplace as well as highlighting the positive impact each builders provides for safety best practices. These partnerships are voluntary and will be for a period of three years.

As important as Partnerships, Alliances are another way ADOSH and industry can work together to provide training materials to employers and employees working in a high risk industry. AZUCA maintains one of the first Alliances with ADOSH and provided us with a successful plan when working with other industries. In January ADOSH and the ASU School of Sustainable Engineering and Built Environment signed an Alliance Agreement to provide engineer students with first-hand information on OSHA Standards and ways to improve safety in the field. By incorporating our Voluntary Protection Program Star sites for best practice study we at ADOSH believe “White Papers” may be drafted for insight on how to successfully implement them in any industry.

Update on OSHA standards. The Silica standard has been delayed by enforcement until September 23, 2017. This enforcement is for Construction settings while General Industry settings still have until June 23, 2018 to comply. ADOSH has been providing training to employers at our Safety Summits and when called upon by an organization or association to present our material. A DVD with information on the standard, sample power points, and a sample program is provided on the disk. You can have a disk provided to you by contacting our Phoenix office at: 602-542-1769. Recordkeeping Form submissions has been delayed. For 2017, employers with establishments with 250 or more employees and establishments with less than 250 employees but 20 or more in certain high-risk industries were required to electronically submit their 201 Form 300A by July 1, 2017. However, in May OSHA announced that it intended to delay the July 1, 2017 compliance date until December 1, 2017. This change was to allow affected entities sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the electronic reporting system.

Other OSHA standards that are expected to be adopted by ADOSH is Walking Working Surfaces in General Industry and Beryllium. During this time of rulemaking, ADOSH Trainers and Consultants will be providing information on how to comply with training and site visits. For more information on upcoming OSHA standards please refer to or

Jessie Atencio

Interim Director