Annually ADOSH Consultation and Outreach Trainers complete approximately 30 webinars. Our webinars are designed to provide the class participant with high impact information on our existing training classes. We also address any new emerging issues facing a particular industry in Arizona.
Webinars are offered in two and three hour blocks based on the class subject.  Necessary information for the class is sent out from either the Tucson or Phoenix office and any other additional information that may be needed. Over the past four years we provided classes that included but were not limited to; recordkeeping, lockout/tagout, fall protection, general and construction industry hazard recognition, and heat stress.
This year we want to improve upon our experience and one of the areas we would like some feedback in are the topics we hold webinars on. Over the next few issues we will be soliciting for this information and then work with the Trainers and ADOSH Leadership to determine a plan of action. For those that have used our webinars in the past and encouraged your staff to attend, we thank you for your participation.
If you would like to send in some ideas for class consideration, please email your information to: